Deluxe Edition of the Batman Cowl used by Adam West in the TV Show of the 60’s.


This incredible Deluxe Cowl has been professionally made with a previous hard process on modeling and has been constructed of vacuum-formed styrene (plastic) of a thickness of 3mm in order to assure its durability and appropriate rigidity that the original cowl had!!

The Plastic Shell has been then covered with a high quality navy blue stretch satin (as the original cowl) which was properly attached to the cowl to avoid any kind of wrinkles on the fabric and to obtain the same result than the original one!!

In the internal part the cowl has been covered with a specially selected thick and soft cloth. Just consider that this make them much more comfortable and better finish. There are other Cowls that you can find around but none one comes with something like this inside!

The Ears have been molded in leather in the same shape as the originals and are then fully covered with satin (painted in black on their outer faces). Both have then been attached carefully in a completely resistant way into the cowl!

A new and more similar facemask area of the cowl had been hand painted in black. Eyebrows and nose lines have been painted in light blue while the nose has been left in navy blue. Cowl also has 4 snap fasteners at the front!!

Every detail on this cowl has gone through a previous detailed investigation and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new Cowl made exactly like the one shown in the pics. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.


This wonderful Cowl is available in three different sizes!

These three sizes fit perfect on everyone, check out the different measures to see which one is the most accurate for you!!

You can pick your cowl in size 22″, 23″ or 24″.

We had been selling these Incredibles Cowls for a long time and we never experience any problem with the size!!

Anyway, after your payment is received we will check the size of your head just for been sure