Deluxe Edition of the Batman Chest Emblem used by Adam West in the TV Show of the 60’s.


This is a really great upgrade of the Bat Emblem; it’s made in Vinyl, like the original one. This Emblem doesn’t need any PVC Sheet to make it durable. It’s a perfect and final solution for this amazing reproduction!

To attach to the Tunic you just have to cover it with a lint-free cloth and give some hit with a regular iron. That Simple! Don’t make your Batman Costume look that has a logo that is going to fall down like the ones other seller offer. Our Logo will last firmly attach to the tunic forever and will look like part of the costume.

This Item include just the Batman Emblem!!!

Ever detail on this Emblem has gone through a previous investigation and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!