Jim Bowers from Capedwonder.com

Limited Edition Tunic and Leggings of the Superhero 70´s style Costume

I am thoroughly enjoying my NEW Christopher Reeve style Superman costume from Action Costumes! They made the ‘S’ on his chest larger, so now it looks even better on my office mannequin. I highly recommend Action for any Superhero costume you may wish to own. Their quality and customer service are outstanding! Thanks again Action Costume! Best, Jim Bowers, Editor, CapedWonder.com.

Chris King, Birmingham, UK

Superman Custom Made Special Edition Costume

In 1978, Christopher Reeve made us believe a man could fly. In 2007, after many rewarding transactions with Action Costumes, I was proud to add the most accurate replica of Christopher Reeve's Superman costume to my collection. Thanks to Action Costumes! 

Andrew BridgeS

Superman Custome

Thank you action costumes for this amazing superman costume.

Greg, Virginia, USA

Superman Deluxe Costume & Boots 70´s Style

I received my costume yesterday! It is fantastic! I love the color of the new fabric! I have it on display now in place of my old costume. Thank you guys for another great transaction!

Frank Carreira FROM CANADA

Superman Costume of 80’s

I want to thank Action Costumes for the amazing Superman Costume of 80’s!

It really shows that this team have a passion on creating costumes with a high level of precision! I was really impressed with the quality of the costume and how it is identical to the real stuff!! J Also, I got so many positive feedback that the investment was worth it all!!

I would recommend Action Costumes to anyone! Thank you again Sebastian and your team for your efforts and for the personalized service!

Best Regards from Canada,

Your Montreal’s Superman,

Frank Carreira/Clark Kent’

Paul, Wales, UK

Superman Costume & Boots Silver Edition

Action Costumes are outstanding at what they do! They have captured the very magic that made this Christopher Reeve suit so iconic to so many people. Fantastic communication throughout the entire process, very easy to work with and the finished product is truly second to none! Would recommend 100%.

Jaime, Ontario, Canada

BATMAN Adult Costume & Cowl Costume '60 Style


The quality of these Batman costumes are amazing and I can't recommend them to you enough. Great People to deal with and if you're looking for an Adam West Batman costume that is real and authentic then actionstumes is it. I couldn't be happier with the costume and the attention to detail is remarkable. The compliments I've received on the costume is a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Ten stars! Thank you for bringing to life one of the best action costumes ever. I have won numerous best costumes at Halloween dances and it's because the costume looks exactly like the original. Holy Great Bat Costume!

José Manuel from Madrid, Spain

Superman Costume


I have to thank Action Costumes, as for a long time, I’ve been looking for a Superman Costume that was totally faithful to the original and I’ve finally found it! The color, the cape, the boots, the belt… everything was made carefully and the finish is perfect. A luxury that I recommend to all fans of this superhero. Definitely a great job!


Bathman Costume 60s Style


The batcostume costs a lot of money but I got good quality and good value for it. The whole is customsized made. The mask is a perfect copy of the Adam Westcostume and is precisely made to the size of your head.The lycra from the grey body suit is from heavy quality lycra and matches exactly the color of the authentical Batmansuit.The Batsymbol is also of a heavy print quality. The boots are made of soft leather and are walking perfectly because they are customsized.Batbriefs, batcape en batgloves are of a good darkblue quality satin which shine brigthly when there is shunshine. The Batcape is ligth and billows behind you when you walk. It moves perfectly when the Batman comes into action. The batarang is a wonderful accessoire which absolutely completes your performance when appearing as the Batman. I love the belt as well. It is the best utility belt you can get and the big glancing batbuckle is the finishing touch of the whole Batcostume. It took only five days to get it from Argentina to Holland. Having this batsuit you desire for the batmotor to drive fast on the highway chasing

the criminals. The batfever comes with this batcostume. Although it cost a lot to buy it, I can recommend it to every true batfan. Regards from Holland, Frank

Antonio from Madrid, Spain 

Superman Costume 80’s Style


It’s a pleasure to have this beauty at home, unbeatable treatment and attention from the whole team. Thank you very much!the criminals. The batfever comes with this batcostume. Although it cost a lot to buy it, I can recommend it to every true batfan. Regards from Holland, Frank

Kenny, Oklahoma, USA

Superman Adult Costume 80’s Style

I LOVE IT !!!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! You guys don’t know how much this has made me happy. I cant even understand it myself, I really dont have the words but you made this 35 year old man feel 10 again and its great.

Thank you again worth every penny!

Mario Delos from France

Limited Edition Tunic and Leggings of the Superhero 70´s style 

Costume Tunic, Belt & Leggings of the Superman Limited Edition 70´s style Costume & Superman Cape Silver Edition

“The best Christopher Reeve replicas are at Action Costumes, the costume is made like the original, the fabric & color are awesome”

Robert from Austria

Superman Deluxe Tunic and Leggins 70’s Style

Christopher Reeve would love this high Quality Costume! Looks great! Nice greetings from Austria!

Stephen Finch

Superman Costume Silver Edition

Hi I am Steve Christopher Reeve has been such an inspiration in my life! He really did make me believe a man could fly and I had searched my whole life for a costume that would make me feel proud! I bought my costume 10 years ago for a party for my 30th birthday and it’s still amazing I this day!!!

Mark From Nottingham, UK

Superman Costume 80’s Style Ready to Ship

Thank you so much for the 80's style ready to ship superman costume. It fits perfectly and looks absolutely awesome! Can’t wait to take it to Comic con Wales in December. Thanks for making my dream come true. I believe I can fly!

Ricky from Florida, USA

Second Batman Deluxe Complete Costume 60’s Style

Here's is my 60's Batman costume made by the wonderful people of Action costumes. Very professionally done and the craftsmanship is out of this world. I highly recommend them for all your costuming needs.

Robert Gerardi

Superman Costume

Simply the best Superman costume you can find anywhere. The detailing is perfect and it is simply awesome! Everyone that sees it can't believe how authentic it looks. Great job Action Costumes!

Len from Sonoma, CA

Batman Costume

I think this is most likely one of the most accurate and carefully produced replica's of Adam West's infamous Batman Cowl and Batman outfit

Robin FROM Canada 

Superman Costume & Boots 80´s Style

It was everything it described and more. I’m so in love with it, the mannequin does it no justice. It’s a beautiful suit, Mol and his team do amazing work. Super satisfied and I highly recommend buying from this seller, and look forward to doing business with again. Love the service, great bunch to deal with. Amazing communication with the business workers.


Jim from British Columbia, Canada

Batman Deluxe Cowl, Cape & Tunic 60´s Style

Action Costumes simply makes the highest quality costumes in the world today!

I love my new custom cowl, cape, and tunic!

Plus, you are the kindest and most professional people in the business today!

Jim from Canada. 

Keith Holder

1950s Superman Costume

Compliments to Sebastian and Action Costumes on the outstanding work with regard to the 1950s Superman Costume. The research and concept come to fruition manifested in the craftsmanship of the completed garment. The emblem, belt buckle and red suede boots are several examples of this. So, if you are interested in a replica of what George Reeves wore on television 60 years ago, this is the suit for you!

Steve from LA, California, USA

Complete Batman Adult Costume 60’s Style & Complete Catwoman Deluxe Costume 60’s Style

OMG!! My Bat costume arrived on Thursday and I love it!!! My friends love it. I'm able to do an Adam face and voice with it so it does get a little freaky..LOL!!! Thanks for everything!!!! I'm telling everybody on the 1966 batman message board about you guys!!! I remember reading Adam talking about what the costume does to you in "Adam West Remembers Batman." It's true. And you not only become Batman, you become Adam!! Walk, talk, mannerisms and all!!! I'm looking forward to giving people the full experience!

George from Virginia, USA

Superman Costume

 I Must say, your Superman suits are perfection and they are the best cosplay suits in the world! I have Never had a problem with mine and they seem to last a long time! Your suits must be Kryptonian!

Kedar from California, USA

Complete Bat Hero Deluxe Costume 60´s Style

“Thank you Action Costumes for the amazing Batman costume! The craftsmanship and detail put into the costume are superior to any other Batman costume I have seen. I get compliments on the costume every time I wear it, and it has won several costume contests on Halloween! I have had it for several years and it has held up great over time. Thanks again and keep up the excellent work!”

Yves, from Montréal, Québec, Canada

Complete Batman Deluxe Costume 60’s Style

Ever since I was a child, I always wanted Adam West's Batman costume. Thanks to Action Costumes, this dream is now a reality!


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