Action Costumes offers high quality Movie, TV, Music-related Suits and Props for collectors, fans, conventions, advertisers, movie and TV producers and for any special event worldwide. Each costume is designed with an exclusive dedication, many hours of previous research and with exceptional attention to every single detail. Quality, accuracy and careful attention are our primary concerns to make the best high-end reproductions.

We work with a professional team of designers, seamstresses, goldsmiths, shoemakers, glove- makers, graphic designers and recognized FX artists that work in our own SFX workshop to design each costume and to produce any specially requested Fantasy Costume, Life Size Busts or Complete Character statues, Creatures, Accessories and Props.

Our Mission is to produce the best made Costumes in the world, we think that every costume we make needs to have the best shape, finish and durability to allow the wearer to look like the character he had dreamed of and to allow him/her to make extreme movements knowing that these great costumes will let them make gymnastic and choreographic performances safely.

All our products are only designed for adults and are displayed in many private and public collections including museums worldwide.

We are also really concerned about the packing of every item, using the best materials to protect it, and to have it look like a real gift or surprise, making the unpacking itself a great experience.

On our website you will be able to find Standard Editions, Deluxe Editions and Super Deluxe Editions of the same character so as to make every item affordable to different types of customers. However all the products we produce keep the high quality that represents us.

Action Costumes was created by Sebastian Molchasky a SFX make-up artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina who put together his big enthusiasm and passion for the science fiction universe, comic books and film industry with the knowledge of a professional special effects technician and what he had learned working as the first Collector and Hobbies Category Manager in the early years of the E-Commerce website Mercadolibre.com.ar.

Our customers represent some of the greatest and most passionate fans and collectors in the world who share the same enthusiasm and love that we have for these characters.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the making of standard and tailored-size costumes.

We are convinced that it is our product that defines us and we work hard to reach your expectations!

Let our costumes speak for themselves!! Enjoy the site!!


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