Batman Deluxe Complete Costume 60´s Style with Free Batarang

The Tunic has been made of 4-way Supplex Spandex (particular soft cloth -not shiny- with a supple touch of cotton and with the strength and durability performance advantages of nylon) grey lavender turtleneck with the appropriate Bat emblem on the chest. This is an upgrade of this costume as well; the Bat emblem is made in Vinyl and comes firmly attached to the tunic by a warm System.

Separate stirrup leggings (made with the same high quality Supplex spandex).This had been design apart than the tunic cause allows you to be more comfortable into the place you go because you can easily go to the toilet without having to take it all the costume off! If you are use to this kind of costumes you must really know the importance of what we are talking about!

The Trunks are made of the same Satin than the Cape.

Bat gloves are also a remarkable detail of this Costume. They are made of the same high quality navy blue stretch satin than the Cowl. We corrected the shape of the 3 Bat fins of each glove and we put leather palms like the original ones were made, they are truly the best edition of this gloves that you can find.

Navy-blue pure satin cape which was made in a double backed way and, has a hook and eye closure in front. It has been designed to provide the particular Cape Movement and flown that the suit had!!

Handcrafted professionally constructed belt. It is made of synthetic leather and it features 4 packs and 4 cylinders which are made of rigid rubber and covered with yellow synthetic leather and attached to the belt. The amazing buckle is made of brass and accurately engraved with the original Bat shape!! Belt closes at the back with velcro to make it specifically adjustable!!

The incredible Deluxe Cowl has been professionally made with a previous hard process on modeling and has been constructed of vacuum-formed styrene (plastic) of a thickness of 3mm in order to assure its durability and appropriate rigidity that the original cowl had !! We corrected the shape to give a more accurate look, this makes this Cowl the best one you can find!

            Then we covered it with the same high quality navy blue stretch satin than the Gloves.

            In the internal part, the cowl has been covered with a specially selected thick and soft cloth. Just consider that this make them much more comfortable and better finish. There are other Cowls that you can find around but none one comes like this!

            Ears have been molded in leather in the same shape as the originals and are then fully covered with satin (painted in black on their outer faces). Both have then been attached carefully in a completely resistant way into the cowl!

            A new and more similar face mask area of the cowl is hand painted in black. Eyebrows and nose lines have been painted in light blue while the nose has been left in navy blue. Cowl also has 4 snap closures on the front!!

The fantastic Boots has been made in a Real Leather Navy Blue color. Rubber sole will assure you can use them in every place and that they will be comfortable to walk over them.

            Like you can see in the Picture of the boots, a metal Zip is sewed to the inner part of each boot. They come with the internal part cover in a real leather of fantasy color to give more the 60’s style.

The Incredible & FREE Batarang has been made in Resin and then painted. This great prop can be also made in Black Color. It has been made from an original one used in the real TV Show. It brings the hole where you can put the rope.This Batarang it´s just a prop, very durable but can´t be use like a real weapon. It´s made for Fan use or for Display, it´s the perfect accessory for the Complete Costume.

This Item includes the Costume, Cowl, Boots & Free Batarang!!!


We are offering ONE Complete Costume that will be made to the specific size of your body except for the Cowl!

The wonderful Cowl is available in three different sizes.

Three sizes fit perfect to anyone, check out the different measures to see which one is the most accurate for you!!

You can pick your cowl in size 22", 23" or 24”.

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new costume made exactly like the one shown in the pics aside. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.

Don't miss to have this wonderful Edition!!