Deluxe Reproduction of the Batman Adult Costume used by Michael Keaton in the Movie of the 80’s.


The Cowl is made of flexible Urethane 40 Shore. It has triangle velcros on each peak to attach them to the cape. And has the space in the frontal center where the Emblem should be located.

The cape is made of black gabardine and has many coats of latex applied over each side, this provide an amazing motion and sound. In each upper end has a black metal plaque with two holes. These two plaques are sewn to the cape’s fabric with a super strong thread that ensures them firmly so that they won’t unpick and the fabric won’t get damage. Both plaques overlap each other to close the cape under the logo as follows: the holes of the two plaques allow logo screws passing through them, then pass through the holes of the armature and close inside of it with nuts.

All around the neck the cape has Velcro triangles that allow the Cowl to attach the cape perfectly, allowing each peak of the Cowl match the lines of the cape perfectly.

This Amazing Cape it’s made of eight segments.

The Catsuit is made of black Lycra. It has Velcros in the back, the abdomen area, the arms and the legs, to place the armour in those areas and attached it firmly. In the center of the back it has a zipper. On each hem of the ankles it has a strip, that allows the foot to get in and the leggings not to rise and in the middle of the back it has a black pressure brooch. Besides it has a dry fit fabric at the back that allows the user to get much more fresh air from outside the costume.

The great armour parts are made of black flexible Urethane 40 Shore. The armour has two holes in the chest, through which two thick screws pass, these screws are attached to the chest logo, and then two nuts are placed to them from behind, to attach the cape and Cowl firmly to the chest. At the same time, the cape has two plates, one on each end of the neck, which stay between the armour and the logo. The Armour parts have Velcros in the back to attach it to the catsuit.

The Chest, Arms, Trunks,  Knees & Legs are Included!

The fabulous chest emblem is made of polyester resin yellow colored and then painted in black. This Emblem attached firmly to the Armour that has two holes, through which pass two screws, these screws are firmly attached to the emblem and hold it from behind the Armour with two self-locking nuts. At the same time, the cape has two plates, one at each end of the neck that goes between the Armour and the Emblem. By this way the Emblem keep the cape firmly attached to the Armour and makes all the costume looks solid.

The Gloves are made with the best real leather of black color.

The fins on the sides are flexible like the parts of the armor that goes over the arms and are made of Flexible Urethane 40 Shore.

The Palms are made in suede leather and have embedded small circular studs.

The belt is made of polyurethane 40 Shore. It has a buckle made of polyester resin that is firmly attached to the belt with screws and nuts. It has 4 bullets to the sides of the buckle made of polyester resin and they are attached to the belt in the same ways. This belt closes behind the waist by Velcro.

These amazing boots are made of real leather of the best quality. Argentina is one of the best leather’s producers of the world, so it’s very hard to beat the quality of this Item.

The upper parts of these boots are attached to the shoes and close with cords at the front parts like military combat boots.

These cords will then be covered with the frontal part of the foot armor. This part will be made of leather with an internal reinforcement and attach to the upper part of the boots with Velcros.

The Sport Shoe it’s an imitation of the real one used in the film, where you can even see the pipe of the brand as well on each side. In the ones we are offering here it could vary the shape of the sole only. But it will always maintain a similar line.

The Great batarang is made of black flexible Urethane 40 Shore.

This great prop allows you to throw it to someone without hurting anyone.

If you order the Complete Costume we will include the Batarang for Free.


We are offering a Complete Costume that will be made with the size of the Client except for the Cowl and Armour.

These parts come in a standard size that fits most sizes except for very overweight people.

In case you are very overweight we can adapt this costume for you but before buying it we will like to check the measures in order of giving you the final confirmation.

In the case of not being overweight you just feel free to order this Great Complete Costume and we will make it Taiored to the size of your body.

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new costume made exactly like the one shown in the pictures. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.

Don’t miss to have this Gorgeous Edition of this Complete Batman Costume 80’s Style.