Reproduction of the Deluxe Edition of the Batman Adult Armor used by Michael Keaton in the Batman Movie of the 80’s.


These great armour parts are made of black flexible Urethane 40 Shore. The armour has two holes in the chest, through which two thick screws pass, these screws are attached to the chest logo, and then two nuts with stop are placed to them from behind, to attach the cape and Cowl firmly to the chest. At the same time, the cape has two plates, one on each end of the neck, which stay between the armour and the logo. The Armour parts have Velcros in the back to attach it to the catsuit.

The Chest, Arms, Trunks,  Knees & Legs are Included!

These are ready to use items!!

Catsuit, Boots or Chest Emblem are not included!

These are PRE-ORDER Items. You will receive a new Armour made exactly like the one shown in the pics aside. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.


In this auction we are offering ONE armour that will be made to the specific size of your body!

Anyway, please contact us before ordering, there could be some sizes that will not be able to fit into this Great Armour.

If you have any doubt regarding FITNESS, please contact us and it shall be a pleasure to help!