Deluxe Edition of the Catwoman Mask & Kitty Ears used by Julie Newmar in the TV Show of the 60’s.


This great Mask is made in vacuum-formed plastic with a thickness of 3 mm.

Than we cover it with the same shiny Lurex  &  Lycra of the catsuit. The mask has an elastic band that secures it around the head.

The ears are made in Rigid Urethane and securely held on a head band. They are covered with the same shiny Lurex  &  Lycra of the catsuit as well.

Every detail on these Mask and Kitty Ears has gone through a previous investigation and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!!


These wonderful Mask and Kitty Ears are available in a Standard Size that will fit all the woman sizes!

Anyway, just for been sure we will ask you for your head size and in case it needs a little modification we will do it for free.