Deluxe Edition of the Complete Catwoman Costume used in the TV Show of the 60´s.


                The great Mask is made in vacuum-formed plastic with a thickness of 3 mm.

Than we cover it with the same shiny Lurex  &  Lycra of the catsuit. The mask has an elastic band that secures it around the head.

            ▪   The ears are made in Rigid Urethane and securely held on a head band. They are covered with the same shiny Lurex  &  Lycra of the catsuit as well.

▪    The Catsuit had been made in Black Lurex and an inner black Lycra to make it more durable and resistant. It has a zipper at the back for a perfect molding of the body and stirrups at the bottom for an easier fit into the boot.

            ▪    The Great Necklace is made by a professional goldsmith. The medallion is hand-carved with a Lion on it and fused into bronze. This medallion comes with imitation gems that accentuate perfectly the shape and shine of the original necklace.

The ovals are also made in bronze and were done by hand. They have glass rhinestones as well.

  •   The beautiful gold colored belt is made in Synthetic Leather. We put an inside velcro to close it from the back of the buckle at the front. and makes the illusion of a complete piece.

It has a bronze buckle with a flower engraved in the center and a bronze half circle that looks like the original one. It has been made by our professional goldsmith.

▪    The fabulous gloves are made of a soft and delicate black spandex satin, which stretches to guarantee a proper fit to the hand. Like you can see in the pictures they cover the arm until the elbow. The Nails are made of beautiful shiny real bronze, each of them are handmade by our professional goldsmith, polished and fixed to the gloves, with an internal base in each nail. These internal bases are made to adjust to your fingers, to provide a comfortable and natural movement in your hands!

▪   The fantastic Boots are made in Black Real Leather. They are real wearable boots!!

They are made in the best material and with the best confection you can find in the Net. Beware of other cheap imitations!!

Every detail on this Costume has gone through a previous detailed investigation and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!

This costume does not include the whip!!


We are offering ONE Complete Costume that will be made to the specific size of your body!

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new Costume made exactly like the one shown in the pics. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.