Deluxe Edition of the Superman Evil Boots used by Christopher Reeve in the Movie of the 80’s.


These Boots are made in soft real leather. Argentina is one of the best leathers producers of the world. So the quality of them will be the best you can find!!

They come with a brown rubber sole that will let you walk like regular boots.

We can also add a Hole on one of them to let them put for Display on a Mannequin!!

The Front “V” had been Accurate made to the original. And has two little tins placed into them. This Detail could be easily seen in the original Boots and Allowed you to correct the position of the Top “V” Part when they are on. This boots could be made with or without this detail; they will have it unless you ask to take it off!!

Each boot brings a Bordeaux Zip at the back that is cover with a leather flap. This flap has an inside Velcro that will let you perfectly cover the Zip.

You can see this detail on the pictures.

The Toe and Heel of each boot has internal hard leather that will protect those parts of the foot. These reinforcements help the boot to keep the perfect shape of it and will not be that much noticed from outside. Besides, it will protect a lot the foot of the user.

The most accurate detail of these incredible boots is the sewing that have all around the ankle and top part of the feet. All of these details make of these great boots the most accurate and best done you can ever find. So, if you are a real collector or fan this is something you can’t let it go…

Please, note that pics were taken in a Studio and therefore the color may change in reality.


We are offering one pair of boots that will be made to the specific size of the client!

Once payment is received we will send you the size info we will need to make them!!

Please have in mind that it will take 30 days after payment and size confirmation are received to finish this gorgeous boots for you!!