Christopher Reeve Superman Statue White Finish 80’s Style


·         This statue was handmade in polyester resin in our special effects studio. In order to achieve the proportions or size closest to Christopher Reeve's we made the entire statue from a face mold taken from the actor when he was around 25 years old.


·         It was modeled by Sebastian Molchasky owner of Action Costumes, with the help of Triana Savino and his assistants from the Fx workshop.


·         To this we added all the actor's measurements to make it as close as possible.


·         This incredible statue comes separated in parts so that it can be shipped internationally by mail to allow you to dress it with the Superman costume. The joints are made of metal and it has an internal aluminum skeleton to reinforce it and make it more durable.


·         The hair curl is attached by means of a magnet.


·         It comes with a square metal base that allows it to be attached under the boot and right foot. It also has another coupling on the calf in case you don't want to make a hole under the boot. But this coupling is not as secure as the one under the leg. In case you do not inform us at the time of purchase, the statue will come with the coupling under the foot.


·         It comes finished in semi-matte white color and painted with car paint. But it can be made in any color you want, as long as they are full colors.


·         This gorgeous statue doesn’t bring any costume, but you can perfectly combine it with the Superman Costume Golden Edition, Silver Edition and 80’s Style, as well as with the boots.  


This is a PRE-ORDER item. You will receive a new statue made exactly like the one shown in the pictures. Turnaround time is 3 months after payment is received.


Make your collection unique with our Life-Size Christopher Reeve Superman Statue, secure your place among elite collectors with this iconic masterpiece!