Amazing Life Size CHRISTOPHER REEVE´S BUST and a tribute for one of the greatest man of steel that ever cross the sky.

      This Bust had been made using one of the two Mold Casts of the face of Mr Christopher Reeve made for one of the original Movies. So the proportions of this bust are the most accurate you can find of the real actor. From that cast we sculpt all the other parts of the head and corrected and put some life to the face itself.

        The Cast of the Bust was made in Very Durable Fiber Glass Resin.

        The Eyes are High Grade Professional made prosthetic eyes specially made for this character.

        The Eyelashes are fake ones, at the upper eyelids we put complete ones and at the lower eyelids we add one by one. 

        The paint had been made by a professional Airbrush Painter from the film Industry.

        The Costume come perfectly attached to the bust and brings the little upper part of the chest and cape emblems. They are made based on the 80´s style costume we sell.

        The Base had been made in wood and painted in black, it comes with a plaque that says “The Man of Steel 78 – 87” made in a glossy metal.

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new Bust made exactly like the one shown in the pics. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment is received.