Deluxe Edition of the Catwoman Gloves used by Julie Newmar in the TV show of the 60’s.


These fabulous gloves are made of a soft and delicate black spandex satin, which stretches to guarantee a proper fit to the hand.

Like you can see in the pictures they cover the arm until the elbow.

The Nails are made of a beautiful shiny real bronze, each of them are handmade by our professional goldsmith, polished and fixed to the gloves, with an internal base in each nail.

These internal bases are made to adjust to your fingers, to provide a comfortable and natural movement in your hands!

Every detail on these Gloves has gone through a previous detailed investigation and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!

This is a PRE-ORDER item. You will receive a new Pair of Gloves made exactly like the ones shown in the pics aside. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.


They will be made to the specific size of the client!

So place your order with confidence, they will fit into your hands perfectly!