Deluxe Reproduction of the Costume used by the Imperial Royal Guard of the ROTJ Star Wars Movie.


The External Robe had been made in the best quality Aloba Fabric of red color.

The shape of it had been carefully made to assure the best fall to let mark the vertical fold exactly like the original Guard.

It comes with a cut at the right arm to let you hold the Imperial Force Pike in the hand. (This Pike is not included)

The Internal Robe had been made in the best quality Aloba Fabric and in a bordeaux color.

It comes with a cut at the front part that will let you put it on like an overcoat & will be closed by the belt.

The Belt was made using Aloba and Satin fabrics and in Bordeaux color. It closes at the back by a Velcro.

The Gloves had been made in the best quality Aloba Fabric of Bordeaux color as well.

The Helmet had been made in Fiberglass, the outer part has been carefully made to has a smooth bright shape. This is a very resistant piece made with the finest materials and with a really care about the detail. About the total shape, please, just take a look into the pictures and you will see the perfect match to the original one.

This great Helmet had been painted with car paint to assure the best finish and the correct Bright Color.

The Visor Lense has been made in a high quality transparency smoke acrylic. It was Laser cut from a 1 mm acrylic piece and had been firmly attached to the Helmet.

When you have the helmet on you will be perfectly able to see outside without any distortion. You will see just a little darker but you will have a perfect and clear vision.

This unique helmet has been covered inside with a soft rubber to give you a comfortable and soft experience when you have it on. No extra padding needed


We are offering ONE Complete Costume that will be made to the specific size of your body!

This is a PRE-ORDER item. You will receive a new Costume made exactly like the one shown in the pics.  Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.

Don’t miss to have this Amazing Edition!!