Captain America Deluxe Boots 70’s Style

These amazing boots are made of the best red leather of the market and have all the same details that the originals ones had! Argentina is one of the best leathers producers of the world, so, the quality of them will be the best you can find!

The stars are carefully made and sewn to the boots. They are made of white leather and are the same size and material as the stars on the gloves to match. Besides, the red leather is the same as the gloves as well. 

Every detail has gone through previous research and the making process has been professionally attended in order to obtain this totally realistic and accurate result!!


We are offering ONE pair of boots that will be made to the specific size of your feet!

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new pair of boots made exactly like the ones shown in the pictures. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.

Don’t miss this wonderful edition!!