Deluxe Reproduction of the Batman Boots used by Michael Keaton in the Movie of the 80’s.


These amazing boots are made of real leather of the best quality. Argentina is one of the best leather’s producers of the world, so it’s very hard to beat the quality of this Item.

The upper parts of these boots are attached to the shoes and close with cords at the front parts like military combat boots.

These cords will then be covered with the frontal part of the foot armor. This part will be made of leather with an internal reinforcement and attach to the upper part of the boots with Velcros.

The Sport Shoe it’s an imitation of the real one used in the film, where you can even see the pipe of the brand as well on each side. In the ones we are offering here it could vary the shape of the sole only. But it will always maintain a similar line.

These boots are the best reproduction that can be found on the web !!

If you ever dreamed of having them this is the time, don’t let them go !!

This is a PRE-ORDER Item. You will receive a new pair of boots made exactly like the ones shown in the pics. Construction time will be of 30 days from the time payment and size confirmation are received.


These boots will be made to the specific size of the client’s feet and legs!